Westcap Ag Corp Purchases Rainy Day Fabricating

April 27, 2017

Innovative equipment manufacturer Westcap AG Corp is pleased to announce it has recently acquired Rainy Day Fabricating of Saskatchewan, Canada. Westcap AG is committed to developing premium products that will enable and lead the evolution of sustainable, efficient and profitable farming, while providing affordable prices for their valued customers. Westcap’s headquarters reside in Alberta, Canada, with their secondary Canadian location in Manitoba. The US headquarters is in Lafayette, Ohio.

Rainy Day Manufacturing has earned an excellent reputation throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta, and beyond for producing products for farmers, made by farmers. Rainy Day Manufacturing takes to heart the old saying “There has to be a better way” to create reliable and innovative products.

“We’re honored to be taking over the Rainy Day product line,” says Marshall Zacharias, managing director at Westcap AG. “The Rainy Day team has done a stellar job over the years giving farmers the tools they need to save time and money on everyday jobs they all need to do. We hope to continue and expand that reputation for excellence.”

Westcap AG is positioned to grow and expand the market penetration and distribution of Rainy Day products over the next 18 months to Eastern Canada, the USA, and Australia in partnership with its trusted dealer network.

The acquisition of Rainy Day Fabricating adds two new cutting-edge products to the Westcap AG product line that help farmers increase yields while reducing costs in both labor and material:

The LumpBuster
The LumpBuster is designed to remove lumps from fertilizer at the same speed as your auger — no matter how large the clumps are. It consists of a series of timed, studded shafts made from stainless steel that spin to break up hard or lumpy fertilizer. The LumpBuster increases efficiency: it breaks up fertilizer without employing typical methods like a piece of expanded metal, mesh screens, or forcing farmers to discard large lumps of otherwise usable fertilizer.

For more information about the LumpBuster, click here.

The Hopper
The Hopper reduces grain waste and increases efficiency. It weighs just 45lbs and is made from 16g steel, making it easy to transport and install. It comes in multiple sizes to fit all brands and sizes of auger. The patented jack on the end of each unit makes it easy to adjust the height, pull the auger behind a tractor or truck, and store. The industrial strength belting molds itself to the bottom of the storage bin to reduce grain spillage. The Hopper is simple to clean out and comes in multiple models that can be used for augering both grain and fertilizer.

For more information about the Hopper, click here.

About Westcap AG
Westcap AG was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs and farmers to bring unique, high quality manufactured products to North American farms. Westcap AG uses distributed manufacturing, direct sales, and conventional distribution to make premium agricultural equipment more affordable for North American farmers with distribution currently throughout the United States and Canada.
The Westcap management team combines a deep understanding of the needs of farmers with manufacturing expertise in both agriculture and the energy industry. Westcap AG understands what farmers need from their equipment from first-hand experience, and have allowed that experience to build the foundation of their commitment to provide innovative products every farmer needs.